Natural Hair: Self Love Awareness – I Love My Hair Video

Hi Friend.

Do you have a little girl with curly hair? Does your child hate her own curly hair? I have notice a lot of people and children not liking their own curly kinky hair. It hurts my heart. What can we do to send a positive message to our natural curly kinky hair?Here is an awesome video by ENR2005 who use the Sesame Street quick video about like our curly hair. I love this video because ENR2005 title the video Self Love Awareness. It is a self love awareness that everyone needs to embrace.

I want to do my part by sending a positive message not just to my children but to children and individuals all over the world. I want them to know our hair is beautiful with all the kinks. I have wrote a book on this very matter. I am in the publishing stages as I write this post. You are beautiful from on top of your head to the soles of your feet. Your curly hair that people look is a wonderful gift. Never forget you are special and you have greatness within you!!  Enjoy…

I love this Self Love Awareness: I love my hair video from ENR2005. It is what every children with curly hair or straight needs to watch. We all need self esteem motivation sometimes. Our children need it even more than you realize.

What do you think?  Do tell…

Love, Peace and Motivation,




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